Everything you need to know about Semji's content versioning system

With Semji, you can easily track the different versions of your content and monitor changes through optimization recommendations.

Why create a versioning system?

When creating or optimizing existing content, you will create a new version of this content. 

This new version can be edited to fit the new optimization recommendations.

These different versions will allow you to track your Content Score and content evolution. 

How to display different versions 

On your Semji dashboard, you can access the different versions of your content.

current draft

Click on "Current Draft" to access:  

  • Original version: This is the first version of your content without optimization. This is the analysis stage of your content and enables you to determine the related Content Score. 
  • Published versions: Easily find the different versions of your content and publication dates. 
  • Draft in progress: View and edit the new version of your draft in progress. 

By clicking on the different statuses, you can display the relevant content version. 

Tip: Don't hesitate to re-run content analyses to get the latest optimization recommendations. 

You can now see how your content is evolving!