Everything you need to know about the Competitors tab in Semji:

In Semji, quickly identify the players and issues on a keyword to create relevant and unique content.

Why analyze competitors? 

Before you start writing content, it is essential to identify the issues and goals but also to analyze competitors on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), the Google results page. 

This analysis lets you quickly identify if it is relevant for you to work on this keyword and increase your ranking chances on the SERP.

Note: Don't hesitate to check with your CSM to see if it's relevant for you to rank on selected keywords!

If included in your plan, your CSM can help you with specific workshops.

How to analyze competitors in Semji? 

In Semji, you can quickly identify the Google results page matching your main keywords. 

In this tab you can access different information: 

  • Click on the different competitors in the list to open the content plan:

Note: The competitors' content plan is not always retrievable. Sometimes, we are technically unable to retrieve it. The message "Page table of contents not found" is displayed to inform you. 

  • Check the content directly by clicking on the article's URL:

This information let’s you see how your competitors are addressing the topic, to draw inspiration from the tone used or even to get some ideas to start writing your own content. 

Note: If the last content analysis was made a while ago, don't hesitate to re-run the analysis to get the latest recommendations.


Beware, Google results pages do not remain static. Make sure you run analyses every 2 to 3 months to see if your Content Score has evolved or not. 

You now understand the importance of identifying competitors to create unique content !