How to create and keep track of your content plan with Semji?

Now you can directly follow your content's Hn plan in the editor!

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How to create a content plan with Semji ? 

With Semji, you can easily get plan ideas for your content. 

AI Writing provides you with a plan in seconds using Search Intentions and Questions recommendations.

Note: The AI+ suite (Atomic Content, AI+Content) is in Beta version, so you need to be careful about the relevance of the elements it offers. We advise you to use it as a complement, remembering to contribute your expertise on the subject. 

The Competitors tab in Semji editor, provides you with an overview of the SERP (the Google results page) and lets you check out your competitors' plan to draw inspiration and identify key elements for your content.   

Thanks to Semji's editor, you can create your plan using Hn markup.

Structuring your plan is essential to create visually coherent content and to ensure it is properly ranked by Google. 

With Semji you can structure your content from H1 to H5 tags. But how can you see the structure of your plan?


How to keep track of your content plan in Semji’s editor?

Semji allows you to keep track of your plan at a glance ! 

This new feature provides you with an easy way to check your plan at any time in the editor. No need to manually check your content, Semji automatically generates the structure of your plan. 

To view your content plan, simply click on the "Content Plan" button above the Content Score to display the structure of your plan.

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You can now easily manage the structure of your plan !