How to delete a Draft in the Planning?

To see things more clearly and only produce useful content

Why delete a Draft in the Planning?

During your content production with Semji, the need to delete a draft may occur.

For example, when the Draft is outdated: you no longer wish to target this Keyword Focus in a content, or the subject matter is no longer relevant to your business, due to internal changes (your product catalog, your services, your positioning...) or external changes (legal changes, market...).

It is also possible that, by mistake, you have created two almost identical Drafts, corresponding to the same Updated Content, or two Drafts of New Content on similar Focus Keywords. In this case, it is more logical to keep only one of them, and to delete the other. Deleting drafts allows you to focus your content production on your strategic priorities.

Deleting drafts also has organizational consequences. If you've been producing content with Semji for several months, you may have a lot of Drafts on hold or in production in your Planning Tab (especially if you've used the mass Drafts creation feature).

Deleting outdated Drafts will give you a better view of the content that is actually open, waiting to be optimized or published.

How to delete a Draft in the Planning section?

In Semji's Schedule tab, you can bulk select content.

Check the box to the left of each content you want to remove from the schedule.

Next to the "Create Draft" button on the top right side of your interface, new options appear.

Select the trash can icon to delete the selected drafts. A confirmation window will appear on your screen to limit errors.

Note: a deleted draft is not accessible anywhere in Semji.
Your analysis credit will not be refunded, as it was spent at the time the draft was created.