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How to export the credit report?

Easily export data related to the use of analytics, content ideas and AI credits to your settings

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Why export the credit report? 

Within the settings, quickly identify the number of credits allocated to your Organization in the "Billing and invoicing" tab.

billing and invoicing

In the "Credit logs" tab, you can view the credits spent on analysis, AI and content ideas. 

credits logs

In the various tabs, identify : 

  • The debit date
  • The workspace concerned
  • Focus Keyword
  • User
  • Quantity of credits
  • Credits left  

How do you export credit data?

Step 1: Connect to Semji

connexion à Semji
Step 2: Go to settings

settings app
Step 3: Go to the "Credit logs" in Organization tab 

credits logs settings

Step 4: Select the view you wish to export: 

  • Analysis
  • AI+ Suite
  • Content ideas

vue historiques

Step 5: Click on the "Export" button and select the file type. 


confirm export

Good to know: If the export is large, it will be sent to you by e-mail. 

You can now export and analyze credit utilization.