Identifying promising topics with Content Ideas

This new feature makes it easy to group content ideas together, so you can better organize your content production and easily create semantic clusters!


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The benefits of easily identifying promising topics 

Note: You may notice that the Content Ideas feature takes slightly longer to load. This is due to the content being retrieved from the Google page, which is then used to recommend more relevant content ideas and avoid duplicates.

The Content Ideas feature allows you to identify new topics as well as those that have not yet been explored.

To provide you with ever more relevant content ideas, Semji has introduced a brand-new algorithm that generates content ideas by semantic clustering, making different topics based on your main keyword visible.

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Understanding the topic system in Content Ideas

In the sidebar on the left, you'll find a list of topics featuring the related content ideas. The display is limited to 10 topics, giving you an overview of the most important ones.

In each folder, you'll easily find the number of content ideas identified.


Note: The same content idea cannot appear in more than one topic.

By using artificial intelligence, keywords that are very close to each other are assigned to the same topic.

For example, keywords including: bus, bike, train, will be included in the same "Transport" topic.

This method allows you to arrange your ideas in a relevant and efficient way, saving you time in creating your semantic cluster.

Note: The proximity rate column reflects the semantic similarity between the search keyword and the content ideas. 

Clicking on a topic opens a filtered view of the selected topic.

This view enables you to identify if you are ranking on this topic or not, based on the Position filter.


You can also filter these ideas with the "Article" filter, which helps you identify "editorial" type articles, and the "Shopping" filter for transaction-oriented articles.

The Mind Map view:

Semji not only lets you visualize the different content ideas by topic, it also lets you visualize these ideas as a Mind Map.

This visual overview enables you to explore the different topics suggested by the Content Ideas tool to visualize important topics and create a semantic cluster.

mind map

If you're interested in a content proposal, you can easily add it to your planner using the + button.

By hovering over the different ideas, you can access information such as:

  • Page title and type (article, shopping, misc),
  • Page URL,

  • Word count,

  • Estimated monthly traffic,

  • Page ranking on the related main keyword.

detail idea

Note: If you have old content idea searches and the topics are not visible, don't hesitate to re-run a content idea search to get all the different topics related to your query.


An information bubble will show you whether this content idea was generated under the old algorithm.algo

To get up-to-date data on a keyword, you can run a new search to leverage the tool's latest algorithm.

new algo

You can now quickly identify promising topics and easily create semantic clusters.