Length recommendations

For a deep and competitive content

Why is content length important?

Google favors content that deals with an issue in detail. In order to rank on a keyword, it is best to cover the topics that interest users in a comprehensive way. The more you integrate the related terms/questions suggested by Semji, the longer your content is and the more you offer useful and complete information on the subject you are dealing with.

Note that, to find information, users prefer to scroll than click to go to another page containing the information they are looking for. The more you centralize, the better!

How does it work?

To calculate the ideal length of your content on the chosen keyword, Semji analyzes the length of competing content positioned in the Top 3. The longest content in the top 3 is used as a reference to exceed in length.

If a page on your site is already in the Top 3, Semji will display the Top 4 on the result page. 

Expand the results of the Top 3 by clicking on the Lenght section.

Click on the cup discover the SEO competitors who are in the TOP 3 of the Google results page at the time of the analysis.

The competitor with the longest text is not relevant to you?

You can disable a length recommendation that you think is not relevant.

Example: Semji recommends you to add 3000 words because the longest content in the top 3 is a Wikipedia page. 

Semji will then review the recommended length level and review your score.


Warning: by deactivating a competitor from the top 3, you also reduce your chances to be in 1st place.

Can I write content longer than the length recommended by SEMJI?

Of course, as long as your content is unique and has real informative value.

Experts tips

Your content is long and qualitative, congratulations! We advise you to integrate a summary at the top of the page. It is really useful to quickly understand what subjects are covered and to easily navigate in the article. Another advantage: summaries contribute to the display of sitelinks in Google.