Outgoing links recommendations

To guide your reader and Google!

Why are outgoing links important?

In Semji, outgoing links are links made from your page to another page of your site. They allow you to "create links" between different contents of your site whose subjects are similar.

Working on the internal linking of your site is fundamental in SEO. Here are two issues of outgoing links:

  • Create a coherent navigation path for your visitors by offering them other content that might interest them
  • Facilitate Google crawlers' passage and the indexing of content by theme

How is the number of internal links calculated?

Semji considers that an internal link should be present in your content every 250 words.

Therefore, depending on the content length recommended by Semji following the analysis, the number of outgoing links to be made from your content evolves.

To the right of the Outgoing Links recommendation, you can see the final target number of links to be placed. 7 links in total in the example below. 


The orange bar indicates the progress of the goal: 5 links have already been integrated. The bar will turn green when all 7 links have been detected by Semji within your content. 

How to integrate internal links in my text?

  1. Highlight the text on which you want to place your anchor
  2. Clic on the Hyperlink symbol on your editor's top bar
  3. Enter the targeted URL
  4. Choose whether the page should open in a new window (recommended)


Linking is most effective when links are spaced out within your content. Don't group them all in one place.

If you can't find a relevant page to link to, consider creating one!

Note: to be considered by Semji in the Content Score calculation, your link must link to content within the same domain or sub-domain. A link to a different domain will not be considered as an Outgoing Link.