Topics recommendations

To broaden the semantic field of your content

Why are the topics important?

Around a given topic, there is a whole semantic field that is important to use both for your audience and for Google. The deeper and more lexically rich your content is, the more likely you are to rank in the Top 3.

How are the Topics defined?

When you run an analysis, Semji analyzes the content of competitors on the Google results page and identifies the terms that are used most often.

Click on the cup to get a synthetic view of the frequency with which your competitors use certain words.

Using the competitive analysis, identify the topics that are unavoidable. The darker the area, the more your competitor (represented by a logo on the horizontal axis) talks about the topic listed in the left column.

How to interpret the Topics section?

Semji lists in this section the terms to use in your content to make it richer. Topics are sorted by priority order. Each Topic has an associated Target, which is the recommended number of occurrences of this term in your content:

  • more than 10 times
  • between 3 and 10 times
  • between 1 and twice

For a given Topic, once you have included the recommended number of occurrences, your score will increase. If you include only twice in your text a Topic to be used at least 3 times, your score will not evolve.

To better understand the context of a topic's use, click on the related topic. Semji will show you how the term is used by your competitors.

Contextual information is also sometimes provided under the Topic.

How do I integrate the topics into my text?

To add a Topics in your text 2 options:

  1. Place your cursor in your text, where you want to add the Topic and click on the + to the right of your Topic.

This option is particularly useful during the construction phase of your writing plan.

2. Write the Topic directly into your text. Semji will automatically identify it.

What if a Topic is not relevant?

1. Deactivate the Topic

One of the Topics is not relevant to the content you are writing? Deactivate this recommendation so that it is not counted in the calculation of your score.

Warning ! This feature should be used with moderation. As a reminder, the Topics identified by Semji are those that allow your competitors to rank, they reflect the reality of the results page. The less you integrate the suggested Topics, the more you decrease your chances to rank.

Reminder : The minimum Content Score recommended by Semji is 75. If you can't include all the recommended Topics in your text, don't panic! Apply Semji's other recommendations (incoming links, search intents...).

2. Exclude unwanted keywords

Do you sometimes find the same unwanted terms in the Topics, such as a competitor's name? Improve the relevance of the suggestions provided by Semji by banning certain terms. To do so, leave the editor and go to your settings.


The « Excluded keywords » section allows you to list unwanted terms. You can add as many as you want and delete them if needed.