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To produce well-optimized content that Google likes


Content Score : what is it ?

With Semji, our aim is to make the task of optimizing your SEO content quick and easy. Writing and publishing pages whose content hasn't been optimized and doesn't comply with SEO constraints won't allow you to be visible on Google: too bad! 

Semji makes sure that these SEO rules are no longer constraints for you and your editors, but are perceived as a game. The Content Score is one of the elements of the platform that makes SEO more fun. 

Content Score is a score out of 100 assigned to your content. The more you integrate Semji's recommendations, the higher your Content Score. It allows you to measure, in real time, the SEO quality of your content. 

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How is it calculated?

To increase your Content Score, you must take into account our various recommendations: 

  • the Balise Title
  • Length
  • Search Intents to insert in your titles
  • Questions to create answer paragraphs
  • Related terms to integrate into the body of your text
  • Incoming and outgoing links, for appropriate internal linking.

    The Semji algorithm assigns a number of points to each type of recommendation, which can be seen by hovering over it. In this example, by expanding my content to 1,500 words, I get 21 extra points on my Content Score, currently at 29/ 100. 

length point

What makes a good Content Score? 

4 different thresholds: a Content Score that changes color

As the various recommendations are modified and integrated, the Content Score increases and changes color. To illustrate this progression, we've set up 4 thresholds corresponding to 4 different colors: 

  • < 25: your Content Score is red

CS rougeYour content isn't up to Google's expectations for positioning you on the target keyword, so start or continue your optimization. 

  • Between 25 and 50: your Content Score is orange

CS orange-1

You're on the right track, but you still need to make a few adjustments to reach your goal. 

  • Between 50 and 75: your Content Score is yellow

CS jaune

Just a few more points before we get the green light for publication.

  • Between 75 and 100: your Content Score is green

CS vert

Good, you've produced some great content, now you can publish it on your site!

Our score recommendations 

As you've probably already understood, we recommend that you aim for a green Content Score, above 75, when publishing your content. By adhering to this rule, you put all the chances on your side to achieve your SEO objectives with this page. 

How can I get a good Content Score? 

Follow Semji's recommendations as closely as possible. This is how your Content Score will increase. Don't forget that the main objective of your content is to interest web users and to be read. Include our various recommendations in a text that teaches visitors something and is pleasant to read. 

If you don't want to follow certain recommendations for various reasons, you can deactivate them. This action will have no negative impact on your Content Score: the number of points allocated to the recommendation will be distributed among the others. 
However, we advise you not to overdo the deactivation if you want to have any chance of achieving your SEO objective: rich content that pleases Google!

Update your Content Score to stay up to date

If you've been working with Semji for several months now, we recommend that you review your content. Google's SERPs are not fixed, and many things can change: a new competitor has entered the top 10, an existing competitor has improved its content, search intentions for your main keyword have changed... 

For the most competitive keywords, or those with the highest business stakes for you, we recommend that you update your Semji analysis every few months. To do this, click on "Update" just below your Content Score. Semji's robots will then update all the information according to the changes observed. 

Bon à savoir : cette action dépense 1 crédit d’analyse, comme vous pouvez le constater dans la bulle informationnelle qui s’affiche au survol de la souris.

update analyse-1Your Content Score will therefore be updated. If you're no longer in the green, rework your content according to our new recommendations and put all the chances on your side to keep a good positioning in the SERP!