Understanding Title recommandations

To catch the attention from the start

Why is the Title tag important?

The Title tag is used by Google as the title of your content in its results page. It summarizes the content of your page and makes the user want - or not - to click to access on it. Thus, this tag can totally influence the click rate, traffic and bounce rate of a page! It also appears in the browser tab of the user who is viewing your content.

How does it work?

Semji recommends that you place your main keyword (focus keyword) in your Title tag. In the Semji editor, this is the title located at the top of your page.

Essayez et voyez votre score évoluer !

Starting from scratch? Write your Title tag in the "Add title" box at the top of the Semji editor.



  • Broaden the semantic field of your content by writing a different Title tag and H1 (main title)
  • Whenever possible, place your main keyword at the beginning of your Title
  • Make sure that each of your pages has a different, unique title tag