When should I click on Mark as Published?

To let Semji know that you have published content online

The "Mark as Published" button is present on each of the Drafts, i.e. the contents you work on in Semji.

mark as published

You must click on this button only after publishing your content online. 

Integrate, publish, click!

> In your CMS

When you have finished optimizing your content in the Draft and you have reached the maximum Content Score, you must copy and paste your content in your CMS, that is to say in your website's editor: Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Shopify, Prestashop...

If it is an existing content, the integration of the new content version does not change the url. You may need to change the title and description tags, so that the content is better optimized against your Focus Keyword. 
If it is a new content, you must create a new page, integrate your text and perhaps an image. Fill in an explicit url, which contains strategic keywords. Remember to fill in the header tags to encourage clicks from the Google SERP.

Don't forget the internal linkage, and especially the "Incoming Links", the links from other contents to the one you are integrating. To do this, go edit these contents and place the links on the appropriate anchors. 

Once the content is integrated and linked, publish it and check that it is visible online by displaying or refreshing its url in your browser. 

> On Semji

Go back to Semji. In your content draft, accessible from the Schedule tab, click on the "Mark as Published" button. 

In the case of Updated Content

URL Mark as published updated

The content url has not been changed. Semji simply asks you to enter the exact date when you published the new version of the content. 

This date is important: it will be shown as a pink dot on your performance analysis curves. This way, you can easily visualize the evolution of your KPIs: before / after your optimization work. 


Note that when you declare your content as published, a warning message will be displayed if your Content Score is below 75. This may mean that you're not giving yourself the best chance to perform. Instead, consider continuing to work on the content before publishing it permanently.

In the case of a New Content

Enter the exact date of publication of your content, and fill in the final url of the published content. You can copy and paste it directly from your browser. 

url mark as published

Good to know :

If you have integrated the Incoming Links just before clicking on Mark as Published, your Content Score may still change!

Click the button to refresh the Incoming Links and get your final score. Semji will then go back and read the content of your other pages, and give you points if it detects the links!

refresh il

I forgot to click on Mark as Published, what should I do?

If you published your content and didn't immediately come back to Semji to click on Mark as Published, that's okay. 

You can click several days later, and backdate the publication date. In this case, be sure to enter the actual date you uploaded the content!


Can I change the information I entered if I made a mistake when I "Mark as Published"?

If you entered wrong information when you clicked on "Mark as Published", you may misinterpret your performance (in the case of a date error) or not see any data (in the case of a url error for example). 

In this case, you must create a new draft containing your last modifications, and delete the old draft. Follow the steps below in order: 

When you have just clicked on "Mark as Published" by mistake, Semji displays : 

  • either the screen that suggests you to create a Draft


  • or the version of your content online. You can see it thanks to the icons at the top of your draft: 


The icon on the left indicates that you are in "View" mode of your web page as it appears in browsers. 

  1. Click on the pencil icon to switch to "Edit" mode and/or click on "Start optimizing". With this action, you create a new draft from your online content. Semji automatically imports everything it sees in your published content. Don't worry, you haven't lost your latest changes! 
  2. Click on the small arrow in the upper left corner to access older drafts related to this content.
  3. In the list of "Published versions", click on the latest version, the one with your most recent changes. 
  4. Copy the entire content: use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + A (to select everything) then Ctrl + C (to copy everything). 
  5. Change your draft again to go to the version freshly created by Semji : "Current draft".
  6. Paste the whole content in place of the one you see in the editor: Ctrl + V. With this action, you have recovered all your last modifications in the most recent draft. 
  7. Go back one last time to the old Draft, the "Published version" that you declared as published by mistake.
  8. Click on "Delete draft" by clicking on the trash can icon in the upper right corner. 


With this action, you delete the publication you had indicated by clicking by mistake on the "Mark as Published" button. The pink dot that appeared on the performance curve has disappeared and Semji no longer has in memory the information you had entered such as the content url.

The next time you click on Mark as Published, Semji will ask you again to enter the url and the publication date of the content. The pink dot that represents the publication date will reappear in your performance graphs. 

I clicked on the Mark as Published button too early, what should I do?

Follow exactly the same procedure as indicated in the paragraph above. You will then delete the publication from Semji's history and you will not disturb the reading of your results curves.

You will be able to start writing your content again from the last saved modifications and click on Mark as Published once you really integrated the modifications in your CMS and published your content.