When should I click on Mark as Published?

To let Semji know that you have published content online

Why mark content as published? 

The "Mark as published" button appears on every draft you work on in Semji.

You should click on this button only after you've published your content online. 
mark as publishedIt's important to take this action, as it will enable us to start tracking the performance of your content and observe a before-and-after of your performance with Semji. 

The "Mark as published" button appears on every draft you work on in Semji.

How to mark your content as published 

Here are the steps to mark your content as published: 

Step 1: Copy your Semji content into your CMS 

Once you've finished optimizing your content in the draft and reached the maximum Content Score of 75, you need to copy and paste this content into your CMS, i.e. your website editor: Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Shopify, Prestashop...

If it's existing content, integrating the new content version doesn't change the url. However, you may need to modify the title and description tags, so that the content is better optimized for your main keyword.

In the case of new content, you'll need to create a new page, and integrate your editorial text, as well as any illustrative images. Enter an explicit URL, containing strategic keywords. Don't forget to fill in the header tags to encourage clicks from the Google SERP.

Don't forget internal linking, and in particular "ingoing links", i.e. links from other content to the content you're integrating. To do this, edit the content and place the links on the appropriate anchors. 

Once the content has been integrated and meshed, publish it and check that it is visible online by displaying or refreshing its url in your browser.

Step 2: Inform Semji that your article has gone live 

Return to Semji. In the draft of your content, accessible from the Planning tab, click on the "Mark as published" button. 

In the case of existing Content

nouveau contenu-1

Semji simply asks you to enter the exact date on which you published your content, and the associated URL. 

Good to know: a warning message appears if your Content Score is below 75. This may mean that you're not giving yourself the best chance of success. Consider continuing to work on your content before publishing it definitively.

This date is important: it will be indicated by a pink dot on your performance analysis curves. In this way, you can easily visualize the evolution of your KPIs: before / after your optimization work.

Good to know: If you get an error message telling you that the URL is already present in the Pages tab, here's how to proceed. 

In the case of existing content 

Simply enter the exact publication date of your content. 
As existing content, the URL of your content is already filled in. 

Capture décran 2024-01-31 161053

Your content is published in Semji! You can track the performance of your content. 

I forgot to click on Mark as published. What should I do?

If you've published your content and didn't immediately come back to Semji to click on Mark as published, that's okay. 

You can click several days later, and backdate the publication date. In this case, be sure to enter the actual date on which you uploaded the content. 

I clicked too soon on the Mark as published button. What should I do?

If you've published your content too early and haven't finished optimizing it, you'll need to create a new version of your draft to continue editing. 

To create a new editable version, click on the draft concerned and then click on "Start optimization" to create a new draft. 

Capture décran 2024-01-31 162146

You'll be able to resume editing your content from the last saved changes and click Mark as Published when you've actually integrated the changes into your CMS and published your content.