How do I switch on/off the AI+ Suite for a user?

Easily control the use of AI in your content production.

Within Semji's settings, quickly select who has access to the AI+ Suite and who doesn't.

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The AI+ Suite includes: 

  • Access to AI+Content and Atomic Content, available in the Semji editor.
  • Access to AI+Chat, available in Semji's Chrome extension. 

Why enable or disable access to the AI suite? 

With this feature, you can control access to AI generation functions, particularly when creating content with Atomic Content or AI+Content. You'll be able to control excessive use of AI, so as not to consume too many credits. 

How to access rights management?

Rights management applies at the workspace level. If you have multiple workspaces, you need to perform this step for each of them.

Navigate to Semji settings, then to "Users." You can easily view your users and use a button to activate or deactivate access to the AI+ Suite.

Users not authorized to use AI+ Suite will be unable to generate text via Semji's AI.

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