How to delete your Semji account?

Do you want to delete your Semji account? Please note that this action will delete all access to the platform, whether it is to organizations or workspaces on which you have created content.

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Steps to delete your Semji account: 

Note: This action will only impact your Semji user profile, it will not remove access to all other users in the workspace.  

1. Click on the menu in the top right corner of the platform;

2. Click on “Settings”;

settings app

3. Click on “Security”; 

4. Click on “Delete your account”;

Note: If this type of message appears, it means that you are the only user or admin of this workspace. Therefore, another person must be assigned as admin of the workspace to be able to delete your account. 

If you are the only user, please contact us by chat.

5. Enter the word "DELETE" in the field provided to confirm you want to delete the account;

6. Click on "Delete account". Your access to organizations, workspaces and Semji features will now be deleted

You can now delete your access to Semji.