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How to use Semji’s AI Chat

With Semji's AI chat, available on Semji's Chrome extension, quickly get topic ideas on every subject!

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Why Semji’s AI Chat?

Note: Semji's AI Chat is currently only available to Custom users with the optional extension Semji.

Semji's AI Chat allows you to easily come up with new ideas for your articles but also help you with your social media posts and much more. The possibilities are endless! 

Here are some examples of how AI Chat can help you save time:

  • Define a content plan; 
  • Generate a list of important keywords; 
  • Generate an introduction/conclusion for a piece of content;
  • Generate a topic cluster;
  • Generate a FAQ;
  • Create a Facebook, LinkedIn post... 



How to use AI Chat? 


Note: Use AI Chat with Semji’s extension everywhere. 

AI Chat is here to help you, whether you are on your website or on your CMS

Go to the Chrome extension to start a conversation with AI Chat. 

Then, you have two options: 

  • Start a conversation using the examples provided by Semji on SEO, content, and marketing;
  • Start your own conversation with AI Chat!

Note: To get the most out of this new feature, Semji provides you with some sample questions to get you started with AI Chat!

AI Chat EN

You can also generate your own conversations with AI Chat! 

Once you've asked your question, simply copy the content by using the 'Copy to Clipboard' button and paste it into any tool (CMS, collaboration tools, social networks...) 

example AI Chat 2

Note: Conversations with AI Chat are subject to a character limit when this message appears. You can restart a conversation to continue talking to Semji AI Chat. 

Each organization is limited to 250 requests in a 24-hour period, which is plenty of time to generate new ideas!


You can adjust the size of the window using the slider at the bottom left of the extension! 



AI Chat uses cases

Use Case #1: Getting started with AI

The first time you launch AI Chat, you won't really understand what it's all about. The first screen asks you to choose an example. You expand the "Examples" section and see a list of 10 examples to boost your productivity, find new ideas... 

You decide to use the "Generate a FAQ" example for a content you've just finished. The AI Chat generates a list of 5 questions / answers that you can add at the end of your content.

Use Case #2: Get AI to help you write in Google DOCS

You're writing an article on Google Doc with Semji's Chrome extension. But you're not inspired to write the introduction and the conclusion of your article. So you launch AI Chat to deliver this request: "Create the introduction and conclusion for the following content: (example: Understanding SEO)." AI Chat provides you with an introduction and conclusion that you can copy/paste into your document. Eventually, you make some edits to fine-tune your content.

Use Case #3: Generate a table for my keyword clusters

You want to create articles on fruit and vegetable seasonality over the course of a full year. You ask AI Chat to generate a table with the months of the year in one column, the fruits and vegetables in another column. Visually you get a list of topics that you can cover in your next articles, based on seasonality.

You can copy the table in a spreadsheet (Excel, GSheet...) 

Now Semji's AI Chat holds no secrets for you. Speed up your productivity on SEO, content and marketing projects!