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Good to know: This feature is in Beta status, so don't hesitate to give us feedback on your use of it. 

Why use Fact Checking?

The objective behind the development of Fact Checking is to limit false information in texts generated by AI. It enables users to identify which parts of AI-generated texts need to be checked to ensure that the information is consistent and sourced. 

As well as giving a source, it tells you a degree of "veracity" of the information and allows you to prioritize which sources to check. 

3 source statuses are available: 

  • Green: A source has been identified. It is verified and reliable.
  • Orange: This source needs to be verified. Semji makes it easy for you by integrating an associated Google search. 

  • Red: This information is not reliable. It is important to verify this information using the associated search.

Next to each type of "Fact checking" is the date of the SERP link generated. 

You can also click directly on the source link to view the article in question. 

This saves you time in detecting false or correct information, and avoids the effects of hallucinations. Semji searches for sources that support the statements generated by the AI.

Within the sourced content, you can easily visualize the part in question via color highlighting. 

Through the search engines responding to your query, we have identified so-called "reliable" sites corroborating correct information. 

How do I use Fact Checking? 

Before using Atomic Content or AI+Content, please activate the Fact Checking feature. 

This means you can't use Fact Checking on text previously generated with AI, or on text you've written yourself.  

Fact Checking only applies to Atomic Content, introduction and paragraph generation with AI+Content.

Step 1: Activate Fact Checking 

Before launching a text generation, activate the feature by clicking on the button to the right of Atomic Content.

Step 2: Start text generation with Atomic Content or AI+Content

Good to know: using Fact Checking doubles your credits

To obtain complete, verified content using Atomic Content, you will be charged 100 credits. For the generation of an introduction 2 credits and the generation of a paragraph 6 credits.

Step 3: Integrate the text into your draft and analyze the reliability of the information 

Once the content has been produced, you can add it to your content and view the different levels of Fact Checking: verified source, to be verified and important to verify.

Step 4: Edit content and ensure the production of quality content for your audience. 

Once your content has been integrated into the editor, you can proceed to analyze the sources and modify your content. 

Each source can be viewed by clicking on the link. You can view all sources in the side bar on the right in the "Fact Checking" menu.

All that's left for you to do is identify changes and improvements to your content, while contributing your own personal expertise on the subject! 

How do I disable Fact Checking? 

To deactivate the feature, you first need to disable it by clicking on the Fact Cheking button to the right of Atomic Content.

You can now produce verified, high-quality content with Fact Checking.