How to use SEMJI's AI + Content and Atomic Content to create your content?

Save time writing content, get inspired and improve your ROI!

IMPORTANT: The AI+ Suite is currently in Beta status within Semji.


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Why use AI?  

Our aim at Semji is to enable you to quickly deliver optimized content to optimize your organic performance while keeping your ROI under control. Our semantic engine lies at the heart of the processes that enable us to deliver relevant SEO Content recommendations (Search Intentions, Questions, Related Terms, Length, Meshing...). By combining it with GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 automatic language creation technology, Semji has reached a milestone in achieving this goal!

The role of web editorial teams with Semji

In the same way that a house initially needs an architect to be built, Semji's AI + Content feature needs a content operator to make the right strategic choices:

  • which keywords to ban
  • the search intents to include
  • questions to be answered
  • product and/or brand-specific information
  • specific customer messages... 

As content is created, the editorial team selects the final content based on the AI's proposals, and carries out quality control. It ensures that the statements made by AI + Content's technology are correct. The editorial team therefore remains essential to the creation of quality content.

How to write content with AI? 

In Semji's editor

  1. To write content with AI + Content, go to the content editor (new draft or existing content).
  2. If you prefer, you can review the recommendations you receive beforehand and sort them out: disable any Search Intents, Questions or related Terms you don't want to include in your content. 
  3. Take a look at the SERP (Google results page) in the Competitors tab, to get a feel for your competitors' angles and decide whether certain topics are relevant to you. To find out more, watch our video on creating a content plan

Once you've finished sorting, click on the editor and enter "/" to write with AI.

Good to know: Easily access AI+Content with the + on the left of the editor. 

AI editor


How does it work? 

Good to know: generating AI text via Atomic Content or AI+Content costs credits. 

  • If the AI functionality crashes in the middle of a generation: we don't count the credits. This means you don't consume any credits.
  • If you decide to stop the generation: we deduct the AI credits.
  • If you decide to re-generate text: we deduct AI credits again.

You can generate content elements based on recommendations from Semji analysis. 

Several content elements can be pre-written by our AI: 

  • The page title 
  • Meta Description
  • Introduction
  • Content outline 
  • Topic paragraphs
  • Atomic Content ( Available with new offers)

Good to know: With AI+Fact Checking, you can check the reliability of your AI-generated content in a matter of seconds.
This feature doubles your credit consumption. 

These different elements enable you to quickly build a first content draft that you can then complete and refine by adding your own editorial style.

intro génération EN

Title generation: To generate Title ideas, our AI retrieves the different titles of competing urls positioned on the SERP as inspiration. We apply a filter based on the relevance of each title to the main Keyword studied, to guide the automatic generation of title ideas towards an angle that meets Google's expectations.

title IA EN

Meta Description generation: Easily generate a Meta Description related to the subject of your content.

meta description IA EN

Introduction generation: with this feature, you can easily generate a hook for your article based on your main keyword.

intro en IA

Outline generation: 

To continue creating your content, Semji helps you build the structure of your content. Mainly based on recommendations from Search Intents and Questions. It is also based on the analysis of competitors' content.

outilne IA

Paragraph generation: After proofreading and approving your plan, the Paragraph feature generates text related to the previous Hn. Move your cursor under the Hn tag you want to work on to get a detailed paragraph related to the title of the current section.

paragraph ia EN

Generate a complete draft with Atomic Content: 

With just one click, you can generate a complete draft from scratch, from Title Tag generation to conclusion, with a Content Score of at least 80! It's a real time-saver. 

Please note, however, that the use of this feature must be carefully considered. The aim is not to automate 100% of your copywriting work! The aim is to help you quickly generate the framework for your content on a given subject. We strongly recommend that you proofread your content and add your own editorial style. Note that it's important to add any new information that will help you stand out from the crowd and provide your readers with additional information compared to Google. Opinions and experiences that can add value to your content are highly appreciated by Google. 

Atomic content en-1

Note: If you're unsatisfied with the text generation, you can stop it by clicking on the "Stop generation" button below the editor. 

This can be a handy feature, enabling you to quickly launch another text generation!

stop geration

Semji's AI + Content holds no secrets for you!

Good to know: Semji has developed a feature to help you save time: AI Chat! This feature is available as an optional Semji extension.