Why and how to connect your Piwik Pro account?

You can now link Piwik Pro to your Semji workspace and add up to 3 conversion targets!

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Why link your Piwik Pro account?

Semji not only supports you in creating and optimizing your content but also enables you to track your results and performance at a glance. We collect data from different software such as Piwik Pro and Search Console to display your content's performance.

Without access to these tools, you won't be able to track your KPIs (Key Primary Indicators) directly in Semji.

If you don't use Piwik Pro, no problem! Semji also supports Google Analytics (Universal Analytics property, Google Analytics 4), Matomo , Adobe Analytics and PIANO Analytics.

How to link your Piwik Pro account to Semji?

Follow the steps below if you have subscribed to the Piwik Pro integration.

Step 1:

Go to Semji and click on the arrow next to your Semji organization name to access your workspace details.

Step 2:

Click on the small Settings gear icon.

settings app

Step 3:

In the workspace settings tabs, click on "Integrations".

integrations app

Step 4:

Here you can link your web analytics tools. Click on the Piwik Pro "Connect" button.

Step 5:


To link your Piwik Pro account to Semji, you must:

  • Enter the Piwik Pro URL
  • Enter the Piwik Pro access key
  • Enter the Piwik Pro secret key

  • Select your website

    Step 6:

    Once your Piwik Pro account is linked, you can track the performance of your content.

    You'll notice that a new button has appeared on the left of the "Connected" button: "Manage goals". This button lets you set up the conversion goals you've defined in your Piwik Pro account to be tracked in Semji.

    Find out how to track these custom conversion goals in Semji!