Why and how to create folders in the Planning tab?

In the Planning tab, you can easily create folders to better organize your content production!

Why create folders in the Planning tab?

In the Planning tab, easily create folders by topic to find related content.

More than simple organization, folders allow you to view the content of your topic cluster, and quickly identify the performance of that folder.

How to create folders in the Planning tab? 

To create folders, go to the Planning tab: 

  1. Click on the + icon next to "Folders";

2. Enter the name of the new folder;

create folder
3. Organize all your content in folders;

change folder

You can now view your content in the different folders you have created:


In the "General" folder, find all the drafts you've added to the Planning. 

Note: You cannot rename the "General" folder. This folder contains all your drafts and cannot be changed.

You can create folders up to two levels deep. You can link and create several subfolders to a parent folder.

By clicking on the folder, you can view the different contents linked to your folder, as well as the number of items:

filter view

You can change the folder name by moving your cursor over the folders.

change name folders

Good to know: When creating several drafts on the same theme, select the relevant folder directly in the Planning tab, then click on "New draft" and your drafts will be directly associated with the folder.  

How to track folder performance in the Reports tab? 

Note: The Reports tab currently displays content in two sections. This means that if you have new content and optimized content in the same folder in the Planning tab, you won't be able to find them together in the Reports tab.

Quickly identify a folder's performance in the Reports tab using the "Folders" filter. 

Select the "Folders" filter, then click on the folder you want to analyze. The folder's performance data will be displayed. You can export this data to Excel or as a CSV file.

reports folder

You can now create and analyze the performance of your folders!