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Understanding the credit system

Control your credit consumption and optimize your use of Semji.

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Types of credit

There are three types of credit within the Semji platform and extension: 

Credits for launching keyword analyses
Credits for using the AI+ Suite (Atomic Content, AI+Content, AI+Chat)
Credits for using the Content Ideas module to identify themes

Each call generates one or more credits that will be deducted from your annual consumption according to your Semji plan. 

Number of credits according to your plan : 

To find your way around according to your offer and the number of credits allocated to you, you can consult our Service Booklet for details of your offer.  

How to optimize your use?


An information bubble appears when you are about to use credits.
You can also view the number of credits remaining before use. 

crédit ia

Good to know: Some features may not be available depending on your offer. Please contact your CSM or AM to discuss the new offers.

Analysis credits:

Each keyword analysis costs an analysis credit. To optimize the use of analysis credits, think carefully before choosing your keyword. If you select a keyword and change it after the analysis, you'll spend an additional credit. Launching a keyword update to obtain the latest link recommendations also costs an analysis credit. 

crédit analyse en

Searching for new Content Ideas: 

In the Content Ideas module, each query costs a credit of content ideas.
To obtain many content ideas, enter a broad query and discover a large number of content ideas related to your theme.

Text generation with the AI+ suite: 

With AI+Content, you can generate a title, meta-description, introduction, outline and paragraphs related to your theme:

Generating a title, meta-description and introduction costs one credit. 
The outline and paragraph cost three AI credits. 

As for Atomic Content, generating content from A to Z costs 50 AI credits.  

Good to know: When using the Fact Cheking feature, credit consumption is doubled. + add Fact Cheking link 

To optimize your use of AI, we advise you to deactivate any recommendations you don't want to work on.
The aim is to prevent AI from dealing with subjects or angles you don't want to work on. 

Good to know: You can restrict access to the AI+ Suite (AI+Content, AI Chat and Atomic Content) in the workspace settings. 

You can also export data relating to your use of Analysis, AII and Content Idea credits to the Organization.

How can I see the number of remaining credits? 

You can easily see the number of credits remaining for your offer. 

In Semji's settings, click on the "Billing" tab and view the number of credits remaining for your offer.

Capture décran 2024-03-13 120044

You'll also find this credit data when importing an existing page or creating new content.

This data is also visible in the Content Ideas module when a new Content Ideas search is launched. 


And finally, within the editor, with the launch of AI+Content and the use of Atomic Content.