Everything you need to know about the Semji editor and its features

The Semji editor has been redesigned with a new, more efficient editing toolbar that better fits your needs! Located above the editing section, this toolbar includes different features to help you write structured and well-organized content.

The different features of the edit toolbar :

On this edit toolbar, you can: 

  • See the different versions and Content Score changes of your Draft.

  • Get writing tips with AI Writing. Click on the arrow to get different suggestions ranging from a Title Tag, a content plan, an introduction or even related terms for your topic. 

Depending on where you place your pointer, AI Writing will generate introductions related to the Hn title.

You can also refresh the AI Writing proposals and report irrelevant content by submitting a recommendation using the flag icon. 

  • Undo or redo the actions you have performed in the editor.

  • Use bold, italic, highlighting and quotation tags to enhance your content. 

  • Add links in your content and disable them easily. Choose which part of the text the link will appear in (Text to display). You can also name the anchor (Title) and specify whether the link will open in a new window or not.  

  • Use bulleted lists to structure your content.

  • Easily add a table in the editor. 

You can add the related terms from the recommendations in the table.  

When creating a table, different shortcuts enable you to add or remove a row or column.

  • Display the source code and copy it into your CMS. 


  • Get the latest version of your published content: For existing content where changes have been made in the CMS, the refresh icon will update your CMS content in Semji with optimization recommendations. 

These overall improvements will save you time and help you be more efficient:

  • A more powerful content editor; 
  • Easier copy/paste for long texts in the editor;  
  • Easily add search intents, questions and related terms using the + in the optimization tab. 

Keyboard shortcuts in Semji editor : 

Copy content → ctrl+C

Cut content → ctrl+X

Paste content → ctrl+V

Add links → ctrl+K

Highlight text → ctrl+U

Make text italic → ctrl+I

Make text bold → ctrl+B

Now Semji allows you to work within your CMS or collaboration tool. The Semji Chrome extension is an add-on feature that allows you to use Semji's optimization recommendations with your favorite tool. Learn more about the Semji Chrome extension