Getting started with Semji

This article will help you quickly get started with the platform and understand its features and purpose.

Create your Semji account: 

Once you have received the link to Semji from your CSM, you can sign up by entering your email address and password to create your account. You can also use your Google account.

Note: you must provide a work email address. 

If you don't have a work email address, we recommend that you create one.

After entering your personal information, you must enter the URL of the website you will be working on. 

Be careful not to make any mistakes, this step cannot be changed afterwards and it will impact the extraction of your existing content when synchronizing with the search console. 

Your Semji workspace has been created!


Setting up your workspace

Once on the platform, we recommend configuring a few settings to get the most out of Semji. 

Go to Semji's settings, by opening the menu at the top right of your workspace.

In the personal information section, you can :

Change your profile picture by easily importing your photo into Semji !

import picture

Change the language of your workspace to English, French, Spanish or Italian.

You can also enable or disable email notifications.
We recommend leaving them enabled so you can receive an email as soon as content is assigned to you. 


In the workspace settings you can: 

  • Exclude specific keywords from Semji recommendations;

Note: You may not have the required rights to perform this action. Please ask someone on your team to add new users or change your rights on the platform.



Useful tips to get started with Semji


We advise you to complete the short start-up guide to quickly understand the features and benefits of the platform. This guide will be on the first page when you login. 

In just a few steps, you'll easily understand how to invite other users to work with you, how to create your first new content, how to optimize existing content on your website and how to track your content performance.

In addition to this guide, we recommend checking out: 

  • Our Youtube channel: You will find different tutorials on the tabs of the platform, its purpose, and also webinars to learn more about SEO. 
  • Our Help Center: It is the platform's knowledge base. You will find many articles on Semji's features. 

On the platform:

  • Guided tours: get a quick overview of the features in a few steps.
visite guidée
visite guidée éditeur
  • The New Releases tab: Stay up to date on the latest developments of the platform.

Note: Our teams are here to help you! Don't hesitate to contact us by chat. 

Now that you know how to get started with Semji, it’s time time to get your content optimized!