How to connect my AT Internet account?

To view the performance of your content in Semji

Semji has developed a partnership with AT Internet to integrate your analytics data into the platform. Find out how to connect your account and activate this feature.

Why connect your AT Internet account?

AT Internet is an advanced web analytics tool. It allows you to measure traffic and analyze the performance of a website or an application. In this regard, it is similar to other tools like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

In addition to helping you create and optimize your content, Semji helps you track your results and performance at a glance. The platform retrieves data from such tools, in order to display the performance of the worked contents.

Without a connection to your statistical tools, you cannot follow your KPIs (Key Primary Indicators) directly in your interface. 

The advantages of using AT Internet with Semji :

  • Easily upload your data to the platform
  • Select your KPIs to track
  • Take advantage of detailed reporting following the optimization of each content

How to connect your AT Internet account to Semji?

1) Pre-requisites

  • An AT Internet API key

Before starting, it is essential to have access to your API key on AT Internet. This is what will allow Semji to access your data.

See here for all the information you need to generate your API key:

Any questions? Contact your account manager at AT Internet.

  • The Enterprise plan on Semji

The AT Internet connection feature is available with some Semji subscription packages. To benefit from it, contact the support or your Customer Success Manager.

  • An Owner Account

In order to connect AT Internet to Semji, you must have an Owner account. If necessary, contact your Semji Customer Success Manager to modify the access rights and status of your user account.

2) Set up

Step 1 :

Log in to Semji:  :


Step 2

Go to your workspace settings by clicking on the top right of your interface.


Step 3

Once in the Workspace settings, click on "Integrations" then click on the "Connect" button in front of the AT Internet logo

Step 4

Enter your "access key" and your "secret key" created from your AT Internet account interface.

And that's it! You can track the performance of optimized content with the help of Semji.

Where to view AT Internet data in the Semji platform?

Once your AT Internet account is connected to the Semji platform, you can view the traffic generated by each content in :

  • Your Dashboard
  • Your Reports
  • The Performance tab accessible from the editor of a content draft

You will find the same data from AT Internet: it is displayed as a graph and the historic data is recovered.