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Why doesn't Semji track my data?

Semji lets you track various KPI's using connectors such as Matomo, GA4, Piano Analytics, Adobe Analytics or Piwik Pro. You can track your production via the Report tab.

Why track your data with Semji? 

Note: Remember to connect your Search Console to Semji! This step is essential to prioritize the pages to be optimized. If not, you may lose one of the most important benefits of the platform in terms of time-saving. 

In Semji you can monitor different indicators for your SEO performance in the Report tab. 

The purpose of Semji is to allow you to create, optimize and even monitor your performance in a single tool. Therefore, it is essential to connect your analytics tool to Semji. 


To learn more about it, we advise you to read this article: "What is the purpose of the Reports tab"

Why doesn’t my data appear in Semji? 

You can't see any data coming up in Semji? First, check that your connectors are correctly connected to Semji. 

Follow the steps below: 

1. Go to Semji's Settings;
settings app

2. Then click on Integrations in the Workspace settings;

3. Check if your integration is correctly connected to Semji.

If no integrations are disconnected, it may be due to the access rights granted to Semji in your analytics tools. 

There are different types of rights: 

  • On the account
  • On the website
  • On the property 

Note: Semji bases its data feedback on SEO impact. Therefore, it is the inbound pages that trigger the conversion.

How? By retrieving conversion data filtered on organic traffic to the targeted page. These are the first positions in the page view order.


Why don't my analytics objectives show up in Semji? 

To learn more about this, we recommend reading this article: How to track custom conversion goals with Semji?

In Semji, you can track up to three goals previously set in your analytics tool. However, you might get the message "an error has occurred, please try again later" which prevents you from selecting your goals. In this case, you need to check in your analytics tool if the objectives are enabled so they can be displayed in Semji. 

If later on your objectives are visible on your tool but not on Semji, then it is a right/view access issue that you have granted to Semji. 

Semji needs to get read access to the property in order to access the custom goals. Feel free to check this with your technical team. 

Note: please also see our articles on Google Analytics 4, Piano Analytics, Matomo, Adobe Analytics and Piwik Pro connectors. 

Now you know how to manage and track your SEO data and performance and get the most out of our optimization platform!